School Store

School Attire

We encourage families to utilize our school store and continue to wear Future attire as they like and on community outings aways from the school. Our school store is updated with seasonal and specialized items regularly. We do not have a daily required uniform. We do have a “no hoody” policy to ensure all children are able to fully engage and participate without distraction.

Future respects engineers’ rights to express themselves in the way they dress. All engineers are expected to respect the school community and learning environment by dressing appropriately for a K-6 educational environment. Engineer attire should facilitate participation in learning, as well as the health and safety of engineers and the adults that supervise them. Engineers are encouraged to wear footwear that will enable them to participate in activities in Movement as well as on the Greenbelt by the river.


Future partners with Eagle Ridge Apparel for School Uniforms. Uniforms can be ordered online and delivered to homes, sent home with students, or for pick up at the Front Office.

Lost & Found

What to do if I’ve lost something?
1) Don’t panic. Most lost items are soon found.
2) Check for your lost item in the last place you had it. Perhaps it’s in the classroom you were just in, so check around your seat and ask the teacher.
3) Check the Lost & Found located on the first floor across from the Art Studio. If you don’t find it there, check again later or in a day or two because somebody might have found it and turned it in. Valuable items such as jewelry, watches and phones are kept safely at the Front Office.

Where do unclaimed items go? Items can be found on the first floor in the Lost & Found Hallway. Items not claimed are donated once a month. Future branded will be added to our collections.

Click here to view Lost & Found

Tips for Personal Items

  1. Labeling. Putting your engineer’s name on jackets, sweaters, water bottles, lunch boxes, and other personal belongings will make it easier to find them and return them to your engineer. If items in the Lost & Found are labeled with engineer names, we will deliver them back to classrooms weekly.
  2. Leave Special Items at Home. Items that you don’t need for school, especially valuable ones, are best left at home.

Developing Engineers



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