Developing engineers

of the future.

Our students find solutions to challenges and design the future world where we live. 60% of today’s jobs won’t exist in 30 years – our students will have the skills to succeed and lead in the future of their choice.

Driven by Equity - Future Public School
Driven by Educational Equity - Future Public School

Driven by Equity

Educational equity means each student receives what he or she needs to be successful. We are committed to providing expanded opportunities and access for our students. We believe in the potential of all students and hold high expectations for each child at Future.


Future Public School equips students with the knowledge, skills and character to succeed in college and the future world.

Brad Petersen - Future Public School

Brad Petersen

Amanda Cox - Future Public School

Amanda Cox

Dynisha Smith - Future Public School

Dynisha Smith

Julie Fogerson - Future Public School

Julie Fogerson

Levi Moog - Future Public School

Levi Mogg

Matthew Kuzio - Future Public School

Matthew Kuzio

Suzanne Metzgar - Future Public School

Suzanne Metzgar

Will Pigott - Future Public School

Will Pigott

Lauren Tassos

Phillip Thompson

Julie Oliver

Natashia Sylvia

Aron Bayreuther

Becca Alamilla

Nicole Backhaus

Jo Julugbeh

Teddy-Lynn Pitkin

Tamara Al Thanoon

Heidi Grant

Charissa Chatburn

Chris Bryner

Hunter Filer

Sophie Myers

Karen Brandecker

Alejandra Mejia

Sarah Brownsten

Christa Newcum

Jordan Casperson

Allyson Maynard

Kathy Westerlund

Joy Weisel

Araseli Lopez

Developing Engineers



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