Each member of our team is purposefully curated. We value their strength, dedication, and expertise.

All of our team members are leaders in our school and community. Future Public School is a learning organization where everyone is committed to regularly reflecting on their own professional practice to ensure the needs of all engineers are met.

We use the Charlotte Danielson Framework for Teaching to evaluate and reflect on teaching and learning. Additionally, we thoughtfully collaborate through weekly team meetings, monthly professional development opportunities, and seeking feedback from the stakeholders in our school community.

School Leadership Team

Amanda Cox

Amanda Cox

Heather Efaw

Kevin Hausmann

Lauren Tassos

Administration & Operations

Kristen McCarver

Tony Alayo

Michael Dickey

Future Public School

Noel O'Shea

Joeli Streeter

Engineer Support Team // Service Providers & Special Education

Kim Conner

Ana Lee

Emma Laird

Karen Toerne

Katie Moore

Future Public School

Michelle Dorn

Future Public School

Kim Shores

Specialist Teachers

Allyson Maynard

Brandon McGurkin

Christina Wilkens

Rachel Padget

Teaching & Learning Team

Heidi Grant

Ellen Frost

Ashley Chapman

Paris Brockner

Katie Clauer

Christa Newcum

Carolyn Muhlenkamp

Kate Bauer

Kim Ramirez

Jami Wheeler

Lauren Drew

Paul Johnson

Rhyan Mitchell

Paige Norman

Natashia Sylvia

McKenna Morrell

Kathy Westerlund

Chelsey Ueno

Karen Brandecker

Halima Muya

Future Public School

Emily Wood

Future Public School

Kirstie Broderick

Behavior Intervention Team

Jessica Gloria

Amber Lewis

Future Public School

Alexa van Beek

Future Public School

Lizzie Wynn

Future Public School

Roanne Long

Mykel Rochester

Future Public School

Emilie Gockel

Future Public School

Katherine Berezniy

Future Public School

April Williams

We are so lucky to have our student and staff photos taken by Michelle Bliss, whose mission is to ensure every child is captured as their most authentic self.

Developing Engineers



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