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Future Public School Offerings + Enrollment


Founded in 2018, Future Public School is a tuition free, K-6 elementary school in Garden City. Future focuses on providing every child an equitable education, giving them the knowledge, skills and character to succeed as leaders in the future world. We welcome a diverse population of students and offer a learning environment that is safe, rigorous, and joyful.


Future’s priorities are 1) holding a high bar for academic achievement and growth, and 2) supporting the whole child, including an emphasis on social-emotional learning. Instruction incorporates critical academic content through a learner-centered approach, emphasizing problem-solving. The backbone of instruction is a highly trained team of innovative educators that has autonomy to use a variety of resources to carefully design instruction that meets the needs of all learners.

Fall 2023 Enrollment + Tours

Lottery applications for Fall 2023 now open! Future has seats for about 400 students. All potential new students wishing to enroll in Future must complete a lottery application. Then, the 2023-24 Lottery takes place on March 14th at 10:00 AM. Additionally, in-person school tours are available to help prospective families make sure they find the right fit.


Bluum: Administrative Support Promoting Growth & Excellency

Bluum works closely with the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Family Foundation to recruit top charter management organizations to Idaho, especially those committed to serving minority and at-risk students. Bluum located our founders, Amanda Cox and Brad Peterson, and brought them to Idaho to start Future Public School. Bluum continues to support high-performing charter schools like Future by providing improvement efforts that offer the possibility of transformative change for how learning and instruction are made available to students.

Boys & Girls Club at Mosley Center: Before/After Care & Meal Program

About 40% of students at Future utilize the Boys & Girls Club for before and after school care. Boys & Girls Clubs provides places for young people to grow beyond the classroom and believe that success is in reach for all kids. We empower youth to become tomorrow’s leaders through everyday moments. Future also partner with the Boys & Girls Club to provide a federal meal program. Students attending Future have breakfast and lunch available to them at free or reduced rates for qualifying families.

Giraffe Laugh: Equitable and Affordable Garden City Preschool

Future is lucky to have close proximity and partnership with the Giraffe Laugh Preschool program hosted in the Boys & Girls Club at Mosley Center. Many Future families utilize this preschool program for younger siblings of Future engineers. Giraffe Laugh aims to develop high-quality, affordable preschool opportunities for families by equipping Idahoans with the tools and resources they need to create and implement affordable, high-quality local solutions.

Other Educational Supporters and Partners


JA Kathryn Albertson

Teach for America

Developing Engineers



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